Talks on school needs at Tapini meet

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday July 1st, 2013

 AS part of the National Government’s year of implementation, the Central provincial education board held a week-long meeting at Tapini in Goilala district. 

Central provincial education adviser Titus Hatagen said taking the provincial board meetings to districts was being practical and realistic to address the needs of remote schools.

Hatagen said for the past three years, such meetings had been held in other districts of Central.

He said it was a first in Tapini, which was unique because of its geographical setting.

“PEB is the authority in the province that looks after the schools from elementary to secondary and vocational schools in Central,” he said.

“For the first time, PEB members had to travel the Mona Highway, which gave them some lifetime experiences which they will never forget because they had to travel in rain and passing narrow washed up roads and visiting some very remote schools.” 

Hatagen challenged all parents and the community to look after school property and respect teachers, school board members and encourage their children in order to improve the education system in the district.

He said under the Universal Basic Education (UBE) concept all children aged six years must attend elementary schools.

He told parents they had no excuse for not sending their children, with the tuition fee paid by the Government through the free tuition fee policy.

The board members visited schools such as Koiava Community School in Loloipa valley, Lilo Elementary School, Peter Torot Primary School and Sacred Heart High School and saw the plight of teachers and students.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the community, church agency schools, PNG Teachers’ Association, Teachers’ Services Commission, technical officers in district education, superintendents from the five districts and senior standard officers.