Tari has a lot of catching up to do

Letters, Normal

THE liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in the SHP centres on Hides, Angore and Juha are all in Hela region.
This billion-kina project is also a trade-off for the proposed Hela province (HP).
Yet, for many years, Hela region has remained undeveloped.
Its infrastructures built during the colonial days are falling apart.
Worse still, the development of Hela human resource has been under par.
The only infrastructure that portrays the people’s existence in the modern world is the new treasury building, church-managed institutions like ELC-PNG’s Dauli Teachers College and Catholic mission’s Tari Secondary School. 
Otherwise, if no infrastructure is put into place within the next two years, the LNG project will be built in a no-man’s land and HP will be granted to the people with no government facilities to house the Hela provincial government (HPG) headquarters.
Tari is the likely to be the headquarters of HP but it has no power while the Hides gas field supplies power to Porgera.
Despite, these impediments, the region is geared for many development projects, all happening at the same time.
In anticipation, one project the Agiru government is applauded for is the road work done by Curtain Brothers in widening the Highlands Highway within Hela region at Halimbu junction to Waralo.
But the road requires sealing.
This is because unsealed road is suitable for use by land cruiser and big trucks but unsuitable for smaller vehicles which a majority of Hela citizen is able to own.
The HPG must also look at getting power for Tari, assisted by resource developers in the region.
The Tari Airport must be upgraded to an international standard urgently to meet the demand of passengers travelling to and fro as a result of the LNG project.