Teacher accused of beating student

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The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013


A TEACHER charged with the assault of a student in school appeared before the Lae District Court yesterday.

Paino William, from Biwat, East Sepik and a teacher at the St Mary’s Catholic Primary School in Lae, was charged with assaulting Nigel Larim.

William appeared before magistrate Nasaling Bingtau, who adjourned his case to Dec 4.

The court heard that William took out a metre-long ruler and hit the victim on his right hand and head.

Police said as a result of the beating, the boy experienced blisters and pain in his hands.  

The incident allegedly happened at 8am on Oct 23.

Larim reported the matter to his parents who then reported it to police.

William denied the offence in court, saying he was the duty teacher and exercised a little force to stop the victim and other students from disobeying him and misbehaving.

“I have hit the other boys as well but they have not reported the matter to police,” he said.

Bingtau adjourned the matter saying the victim and his friends would have to be brought to court to testify.

In another matter, a man has been ordered to pay K500 as compensation to a woman after he punched her on the face three times following an argument. 

The court heard that Wilson Tirimas from Eastern Highlands, who was employed as an auto mechanic with Frabelle Ltd in Lae, had punched a Pricilla Tom.

The court heard that Tom, a security guard with Kuima Security Services and manning the company gate, had directed Tirimas to comply with security procedures but Tirimas turned on her.  

Police said as a result of the blows, Tom could not move her jaws.

Bingtau told the accused that he should compensate the victim K500 within a month or face six months imprisonment.