Team effort commended


IT was interesting to read from the newspapers that some smart people concealed 5kg each of marijuana in 191 kaukau (sweet potato) bags.
I can suspect that it has been going on for some time till luck ran out. You can be lucky sometimes but no all the time.
I salute those informants, police and the security guards for a job well done.
This is an example of team work for a better PNG.
Fighting crime is not only a policeman’s job.
It’s every body’s job and I wish more people would take ownership and help police with relevant information.
Most of us are very ignorant, turning a blind eye and even habouring criminals at our homes.
The syndicate who smuggled those marijuana by concealing them in kaukau bags are responsible for the related crimes in the city.
The recent one being the near murder of policemen at 8-Mile in a drug related case.
They have to pay the price.
As a deterrence, the authorities should not only charge the culprits but forfeit the 191 kaukau bags to the State.
That will be a very big lesson to those planning to commit such crimes and will think twice as the cost will be too high.
If the authorities charge the culprits then they will laugh all the way to the bank.
I understand that it would cost them a good amount of money to bring kaukau bags from Goroka to Port Moresby.
They will feel the pain of losing the kaukau bags than the mere charges.
The kaukau bags can be donated to Bomana Correctional Services or other government institutions.
Up to you NCD Met Supt.

Ultange Wane,
Waigani, Pelican St

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