Tertiary institutions should be audited


ALL tertiary institutions in the country should be audited so that parents and sponsors know where their funds are spent on.
Tertiary institution’s fees range from K3,500 to K10,000 with some institutions having up to 2,000 students.
This means some institutions collect millions of kina in fees.
Institutions should be audited so we understand why there are no new developments despite the funds paid by parents and sponsors.
Most colleges today do not have the capacity to accommodate more students.
They’re enrolling about the same number of students they did 10 years ago.
One of the contributing factors towards why some institutions cannot get more students is because their vision is not in line with the Government’s visions.
For instance; the Government’s vision of quality education for all is not shared by some institutions.
Unless our institutions draw up visions that are line with the Government’s visions, change shouldn’t be expected.
Finances should be spent on achieving visions.
Those in authority should be proactive in inspiring change.

Gisuwat Siniwin