Thank you Marape, Manning and Wong


HEALTH Minister Jelta Wong, Prime Minister James Marape and National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning should be commended for managing the Cornavirus (Covid-19) pandemic so well.
I would like to thank Wong for his foresight in putting together resources and leading the team of experts in combatting the virus.
Papua New Guinea’s death toll is just below 600.
This shows how effective our Government is in putting in control mechanisms.
Millions are dying around the world, but I can say that it is a miracle for PNG.
God is so good to PNG.
It is His grace that is protecting the 9 million plus people of this beautiful country.
I salute our leaders and frontline health workers for their tremendous efforts, sacrifices and foresight in ensuring that our country has one of the lowest infection and death rates in the world.
Let us stop criticising the authorities for once and comply with safety directive measures.
I acknowledge the Jiwaka health authority chief executive officer Thaddeus Turi and the frontline health workers in the province for their efforts in managing the spread of the virus.

John Brian Nepi