Thoughtful gift from Unitech

Lae News, Normal


PATIENTS admitted to the intensive care unit (ward 7A) at Angau Memorial Hospital can now cool off from the heat while awaiting treatment, thanks to the donation of an industrial fan by the University of Technology last Friday.
Unitech registrar Allan Sako, whose wife was admitted to the ward, had taken the fan to the ward for his wife to use, because the ward’s air conditioning system was not working.
But after seeing patients, nurses and doctors on duty were so uncomfortable due to the heat, he decided to donate the fan.
Hospital staff said the air conditioning had been problematic since last year.
Sometimes it worked, other time it did not.
Three weeks ago, it broke down completely and patients and staff have had to endure the hot atmosphere, considering that Lae has been experiencing high temperatures recently.
To make matters worse, there are no ceiling fans in the ward that can be used when the air conditioning
breaks down.
The company engaged to fix the problem has advised that it is awaiting spare parts to arrive from Australia.
Mr Sako said Unitech is a member of the wider Lae community and so in addition to its major roles of teaching and research, its other role is community outreach.
Thus, he said, the donation of the fan was part and parcel of this.
“It’s a small gift, but I hope it will provide a bit of comfort for patients and also staff while they do their job,” he said.