Threat to strike by TUC irresponsible

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 20th December 2011

THE threat by the Trade Union Congress to go on a nationwide strike and to shut down all services to the innocent PNG citizens is both irresponsible and uncalled for at this time of political impasse. 
PNG does not need this to further inflame the situation.
The most sensible ap­proach the unions should take is to remain calm and to continue with our daily tasks in providing services to the people.
From the newspaper reports, the TUC’s proposed stopwork “threat” amounts to public sabotage and the consequences and effects to PNG could be far worse than the poli­tical impasse.
At least the tussle between Sir Michael So­mare and Peter O’Neill is confined to the political circles and within the corridors of Parliament House.
The TUC’s strike could be a threat to the peaceful atmosphere today as people going about doing their business as usual as they leave the tussle to the politicians.
Should anything go wrong, I doubt Michael Malabag and John Paska would be able to control it. 
I call on the union leaders to reconsider their proposed actions carefully by placing the well-being of our people over anything else. 
We do not need the spark to start a wild bushfire.
I understand their frustrations but so are all citizens of PNG. 
I am humbled by the patience, courage and humility as demonstrated by the majority of our citizens.
We should all pray for a peaceful end to the standoff.
I believe God is telling us to repent and to love one another as He loved us. 
God-fearing citizens of PNG, let us turn to the Lord in solemn prayer – say no to violence and/or intimidation.

Firm believer