Three hold up shop at Gordon

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THREE armed robbers held up workers of a shop at Gordon and made of with an undisclosed amount of money in a daring daylight robbery last Friday.
According to police, the three walked into the shop casually, held up the front desk staff at gunpoint and demanded where the accounts office was.
Police said employees occupying other parts of the same building were not aware that a robbery was in progress because those held up were warned not to raise the alarm or they would be shot.
Witnesses said after they held up staff, one armed man was stationed at the counter, keeping watch at the entrance while the others pointed their pistols at two other workers.
The robbers were led to the first floor of the building where the accounts office was located where they stole the undisclosed amount of money, reportedly salaries for casual workers, returned to the ground floor in a similar fashion, with the guns pointed at the staff members’ heads as they went.  
Police said that at the ground floor, the robber slowly made a quiet escape before the alarm was raised.
Witnesses claimed that the suspects had guns pointing to all directions as they were leaving the building, making it difficult for anyone to raise the alarm much earlier in fear of beingshot.
The robbers escaped in a waiting vehicle, long before police arrived at the scene to investigate.