Time for GG to end impasse

Letters, Normal

The National

WITH the Opposition and Government Members of Parliament at loggerheads on who is right and who is wrong, the people of PNG has no-one to turn to but the Governor-General.
Now is the time for the incumbent to act and the Governor-General’s Office has absolute powers to bring about drastic changes in both the Government and Opposition including dissolution of Parliament under the powers bestowed and provided by the appropriate laws and regulations of PNG and the Commonwealth.
His silence on matters of national importance, especially on corruption, which is eating away the fabrics of our society, is deafening.
PNG can no longer rely on the police, the Ombudsman Commission, the judiciary and other law enforcing agencies.
These agencies’ impartiality, especially in pursuing the truth and fast-tracking issues of significant importance, has eroded by the day. 
We can forget about the trade unions as their leaders have lost the flock they say they represent.
They seemed to have gotten themselves tangled up in the political wilderness of this country.
Our last hope is the Governor-General.
He needs to look at more important things rather than just simply promoting a healthy living.
He needs to start looking at the bigger picture and it shows PNG is chronically ill.
The Governor-General needs to do something and now is the time to shine and show his true colours. 


Kuia Kange
Mt Hagen