Time to get your priority right, Ipatas

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the report “Enga plans for five-star hospital” (The National, April 12).
It is about time a modern hospital is built in Enga and I thank the provincial government led by Governor Peter Ipatas.
But I am confused with the presentation of K50,000 to the Mendi hospital.
What is this?
Is it to show appreciation of its hospitality?
Or is it a show of the Melanesian way?
This is the second time provincial government has donated money to other hospitals.
The first time was when Dr Sam Amean (provincial administrator) gave K50,000 to Mt Hagen General Hospital to purchase a cardiac machine.
Come on leaders, can’t you see that our Wabag Hospital is a mess?
It does not even have the basic equipment and yet you are giving money to others to purchase something which we also need badly.
The Wabag Hospital needs a biochemical analyser badly.
It costs about K60,000 and it can be used to save many lives.
Many Engans have either died from cardiac-related problems or are currently on treatment.
We don’t even have a cardiac monitor or relevant resuscitation equipment and, yet, the provincial government is donating money to other hospitals.
To me, this is a shame.
I want to remind our leaders that when you have a cardiac arrest, by the time you reach Mt Hagen or Mendi hospital, you will already be dead.
Help us to help you.

Calling for a change