Time to look into prostitution, LGBTQ


IT is time the Community Development, Youth and Religion Department start looking into issues faced by prostitutes and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) communities.
These two groups of people continue to be the victims of horrific violence and no one cares.
The story of sex workers pleading for help after one of them was gang-raped and beaten nearly to death is only one aspect of the problem.
Secretary Anna Bais keeps preaching about ending all forms of violence and keeps telling the media that she is against all forms of violence and that should be shown in action.
Prostitutes and the members of LGBTQ community are human too, they are just like you and I.
The department should also know that they are not in that office to beatify it, or to be praised.
I know the issue is a sensitive topic given the number of hypocritical Christians we have in this country, but even if it makes the office look bad, we should practise what we preach and show empathy and love to people in our community regardless of their sex preference or job.
They are first and foremost human beings and persons!



  • Ruth tell your sex workers to go back home and plough the soil and plant crops to sell and make money..not open legs to men for money. Also tell your sex workers to go to church.

  • Only stupid and lazy females open their legs fir quick money same is it’ Go back home to the villages and grow your foods and eat not opeing your supid legs every hour and die.

  • Lots of PROSTITUTE, INCREASE FAMILY VIOLENCE ,Yupla ol meri pairap na tok STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN na Gapman helpim youpla pinis ,nau youpla laikim Gapman ken lo helpim youpla lo STUPID PAMUK PASIN BLO UPLA,.Youpla like mekim BA ol’ man BA baudaun lo youpla.?
    Front page blo Newspaper tok pinis,

  • Message to the prostitutes. Stop nau na tingting liklik. God bikpela i laikim yupla wankain olsem em laikim olgeta man/meri long ples graun. Wok blo yupla gat planti risk, Sik AIDS, STD, ol man bai bagarapim yupla igo olsem. Go sidaun long table maket or bikpla maket na salim samting long kamapim sindaun.

  • Ruth, Tell your sex workers to go back home and plow their land, grow some food crops do marketing and be somebody rather than being nobody on the street to sell themselves…. Your Genuine call would be the government to do a mass call out to all the sex/LGBT workers to come out for the government to repatriate them to their home provinces….

  • Prostitutes, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and Homosexual have no place in PNG, if found in public they face consequences. Sad but really shameful for this kind of person. Our people still own 80 percent of the land. We rather go back home and be real people. We have pretended enough. If you ever have common sense then go back home and be real you. Remember, we have pronounced that we are a Christian country. SO there is no space for these people.

    David Gela

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