Top leaders needed in army arsenal


CHIEF Secretary Isaac Lupari says strong leadership in the military is needed to protect the nation and achieve government plans.
He was at the launching of the Defence Force Kumul leadership framework package which coincided with a commanders’ end-of-year retreat at Sogeri, in Central, yesterday.
“The PNGDF is the breath and the identity of this country because of the importance of the roles they play in promoting the constitution and representing the country and its people,” he said.
Lupari said the lack of leadership was an issue faced in all sectors of the country.
“One of the things I have observed is the lack of leadership, not only in the defence force but in the public service as a whole,” he said.
He commended the defense force for developing the programme aimed at building a modern military unit.
He commended the commanders and the minister for developing the “package” to enhance the leadership performance of officers.
Lupari urged the officers to focus on new qualities to carry the force into the future which younger officers can learn from.
“The programmes that the officers would go through under the Kumul leadership package, I am sure will prepare them to face those challenges as leaders,” he said.
He urged the commander to make sure the leadership package was implemented without delay.