Traffic flow normal

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 15th May 2013


TRAFFIC flow has returned to normal on the section of the Highlands Highway damaged by a landslide two weeks ago.

But police are warning travellers to take extra precaution while driving through that portion of the highway.

Chimbu provincial police commander Supt Augustine Wampe warned drivers to drive slowly as some portions were still slippery.

“The section is slippery and wet. Travellers must take extra precaution when driving through the section,” he said.

“We stopped a number of trucks and vehicles from passing through because the limestone gravel packed were wet and could force them to get bogged down.”

He thanked the locals who lost food gardens, coffee trees and properties for their understanding and allowing the road to be reconnected.

Wampe praised the policemen providing security for travelers and the contractors who repaired the road.

“Despite the highway being reconnected, the section is still vulnerable to landslide movements,” he said.

“Travellers should avoid passing through the section at night and during rainy periods.” 

Meanwhile, the Waigar landslide disaster relief committee deputy chairman Michael Kigl confirmed that 1,400 families had lost their homes.

He said they also lost their coffee trees, food gardens, planted improvements and ceremonial grounds.

He presented a brief report to Morobe Governor Kelly Naru who visited the families at Waigar village last Sunday.

Kigl said they needed relief assistance to ease the suffering for the families.

Naru whose maternal uncles were affected gave K50,000 to the families.