Two out of three suffer violence, says study


A STUDY has shown that two in every three local women suffer from physical, sexual and psychological violence at the hands of their partners.
The Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee of the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council has therefore urged all agencies dealing with family and sexual violence to observe this month’s campaign against domestic violence.
The committee’s national coordinator Marcia Kalinoe said domestic violence was no longer a private matter.
“(It) is a crime punishable by law. It affects the rights of individuals and restricts their access to wealth, opportunities and privileges in society. It is a social injustice,” she said.
It includes punching, slapping, kicking, and use of objects to hurt another person, yelling, swearing, coercion and threats.
Also included is stealing money, stalking, continual texting or phone calls, sexual abuse and degrading someone and making them feel useless and isolated.
The committee advocates for a nationwide awareness this month to end domestic violence in the country. The campaign suggests:

  •  Standing up for a mother, daughter or sister experiencing violence;
  •  Telling someone about the 1-Tok Kaunseling Helpim Lain 7150 800, or calling the number to report any form of family and sexual violence in the community;
  •  Wearing a purple or black ribbon to support survivors and remember those who died as a result of domestic violence;
  •  Making a donation in cash or kind at a Safe Haus or a Family Support Centre;
  •  Speaking up for the safety and protection of women, girls and boys.