Two UPNG majors make graduate’s dad a happy father


Dominic Keruea, 25, was awarded two majors at the University of Papua New Guinea’s 63rd graduation recently.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in political science and anthropology.
It was a special moment for Keruea as his family flew in from
Mt Hagen to witness his graduation.
A milestone reached after “hitting two birds with one stone”.
Being the son of a subsistence farmer and the only child to make it to university, he sacrificed a lot to be a proud recipient after four years of study.
“When I first requested to take up six courses (usually four) in my second year, I was advised against
it, but I insisted,” Keruea said.
“At the end of first semester 2015, my grade point average (GPA) was 3.8, which qualifies me to take in extra courses.”
He worked hard to maintain a high GPA, which qualified him for the work load of maintaining six courses per semester till final year.
His father, Kerua Ipta, a chief in Yamka Aglimb Kelua 2, Western Highlands, was a proud and happy man.
“I am very proud and happy that my son has completed his studies on a high note,” he said.
“After all these struggles and challenges I have gone through to support him – financially, morally and mentally – he’s proved his worth and I’m very happy.”
Mother Sicilia and elder sister Regina shed tears of joy on the achievement.
In 2014, Keruea was selected to study political science at UPNG.
During second year, he decided to add anthropology as his second major.
“A very challenging journey for me taking up two majors,” Keruea said.
“I did a lot of sacrifice and I’m very happy with the end result.”

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