Unemployed Highlanders must go home

Letters, Normal

The National- Thursday, January 20, 2011

 I SUPPORT the letter that the city’s unemployed must go home (The National, Jan 13).

I am a typical highlander who works and lives in the city for more than 25 years and I am saddened by my people’s regular “ethnic clashes” or animalistic acts.

My subsistence farming parents raised five children – three boys and two girls. They all became subsistence farmers except me. 

I was meant to live in the capital city because I have educated from the University of Papua New Guinea to serve the interest of the country.

My dear highlands wantoks, this city is not our customary land, it is meant for intellectuals and hard-working earners who want to develop the country and live in a healthy working and home environment.

Port Moresby is a city for everyone, not highlanders and their petty regional squabbles.

My people must forget their highlands mentality and think like a Papua New Guinean.

We highlanders are blessed with fertile land for food as well as rich in renewable and non-renewable resoures like oil, natural gas, gold, tea and coffee.

The unemployed highlander has no good reason to live in the city, go back to your province and dig the soil instead of selling betelnut to buy a six-pack and be a nuisance. 

The city belongs to educated people, not you! You either shape up and join them or you ship out!



Fed up

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