University of Goroka should do better


THE public knows that the University of Goroka undertook an investigation last year into their shortcomings.
The findings need to be published.
Expose the crooks.
The majority of staff and students are neutral.
It is only the incompetent ones with self-interest that are the problem.
The academic year is about to start and two questions need to be answered:
l HAVE students without the prerequisite grade point averages scores secured places in the university just as they used to before? If so, what corrective action will those responsible take?; and,
l WILL registration and orientation be completed on time or will they drag on for up to weeks into the lecture week as usual?
The university needs to employ competent staff who will address these problems once and for all.
The taxpayers, parents, students and the Government expect better.
The administration should show that they are serious about quality, productivity and efficiency.

Neutral Taxpayer, Via Email