Unregistered institutions to be stopped, official says


Private training institutions in the country that are not registered under the National Training Council will either be stopped or penalised when the act guiding national training is revised, an official says.
National Training Secretariat director Kinsella Geoffrey said too many unregistered training institutions were currently operating in the country.
Geoffrey said sponsors and parents should be aware of this before paying fees and enrolling students.
“Not many training institutes get registered because they do not meet requirements.”
Geoffrey said the revised National Training Act should be effective as of 2020, once it was finalised and approved by the National Executive Council (NEC).
“Once the NEC approves this revised act, training institutes that are illegally running without being recognised by the government will have to be stopped,” he said.
“We are doing that because we want quality training to be given to citizens by registered and Government-recognised institutions.”
Geoffrey urged private training providers to register their institutions this year to avoid any inconvenience.
He said that some training institutions Institute of Business Studies (IBS) and International Training Institute (ITI) were registered and recognised institutions.

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