UoG awaits students’ input


A REVIEW of the University of Goroka (UoG) student representative council (SRC) constitution will be finalised after input from the student body.
Kevin Poke, a social science senior tutor, who is spearheading the SRC review, said: “Students are the major stakeholders in the council but they are not there to freely and actively discuss how they choose to be governed. The hold-up is with the students.
“They were given the liberty to part take in the voting process but until the results from the referendum are given, regionalism/provincialism is discouraged,” he said.
Poke said having one student representative would be better as this was a State institution and having provincial and regional representation would be unfair on international students.
He said many students still favoured their regional and provincial representation as the better way to govern themselves.
Tikva Chare Brown, a final-year student from West New Britain, said having regional and provincial representatives would not display fairness.

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