Village to go online

Normal, Papua

THE people of Sirinumu village in Koairi, Central, will soon benefit from a budding eco-tourism industry as they advance into marketing and promoting local products and tourist attractions on the internet.
The community’s marketing activities through the Sirinumu Eco-Tourism Association (SETA) was last week boosted with the donation of a laptop from Francis Steven, principal director of a locally-owned training company the eco-tourism training services.
Steven said the laptop, worth K4,600, was part of an K18,000 assistance by the company to establish a website for SETA to promote local eco-tourism sites and activities.
He added that the website would be managed by Sirinumu Development Corporation (SIDCO) the business arm of SETA.
“Members of SETA and SIDCO recently completed basic training that we provided on establishing and operating eco-tourism projects.
“The donation of the laptop will achieve two things – communication and marketing of the product that is already available like the scenery, waterfalls and cultural events,” Steven said.
One such product that would be packaged for tour included a World War II military training camp at Donadabu area between Befa and Sirinumu villages.
SETA chairman Wala Nuana thanked eco-tourism training services for the donation.