Wages driven by demand and supply

Letters, Normal

I sympathise with Chey Scovell, PNG Manufacturer’s Council president’s fear of a possible labour drift to the LNG project (Nov 2).
I wish to give him a simple advice – the labour market and wages are driven by demand and supply.
With a limited supply of skilled labour, employers must pay the current market rate or lose their staff to those who can pay them a better package.
It seems Mr Scovell wants to suppress the highly skilled local staff.
He has no right to suggest to LNG developers to lower its wages or look elsewhere to recruit.
Why is he so selfish?
Let that poor man enjoy working with the once-in-a-lifetime project that can completely change his future and his family.
Skilled Papua New Guineans that I know of are paid being paid far less than their output.
The LNG project is giving a wake-up call to all employers who have been “robbing” the local PNG labour force.