Wala making women count with Air Niugini


DELEGATING tasks and trusting members on your team is something that helps one to progress, says Air Niugini’s first female general manager properties and facilities Bonai Wala.
Wala said she had learnt so many things but the role as a leading female agent in the company had taught her a lot.
“I like to see potential in people and give them that opportunity to grow,” she said.
“If you hold on to what you know and don’t train people then you are stuck.”
Wala is one of 52 women who are managers at Air Niugini.
Wala joined Air Niugini at the age of 24 in 1993 and has been with the airline since.
She was appointed general-manager in July 2017 to manage one of Air Niugini’s new subsidiaries – property and facilities.
Wala worked in several capacities in Air Niugini including finance and human resource where she was the human resource manager before her new appointment.
“There are people who will resist change when we want to implement it,” she said.
“Not everyone will accept change and you have to work with them to accept it.”
Wala has gained vast knowledge of asset management and inventory, financial accounting, board and management reporting, revenue accounting, treasury, special projects and human resource management.
She’s had 11 years of management experience.
Said Air Niugini’s chief executive Simon Foo: “With 25 years of experience, we are confident of Bonai’s appointment.
“Air Niugini appoints the most-fit and proper persons based on merit and not on gender.”
Mala, a 49-year-old mother of two, comes from a mix-parentage of Central and Milne Bay.
She also gave credit to her husband for being supportive and understanding.
The airline’s general manager human resource, Rei Logona, said the company supported gender equality in the workforce.
He said appointments were based on merit which included their years of industry knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience.

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