We are ready for peace talks: Locals

The National, Wednesday July 6th, 2016

THE people of Atzera in Markham, Morobe, have told Governor Kelly Naru that they are ready for peace talks with the Amari tribesmen from Umi to be overseen by a neutral body.
Spokesman Tom Francis suggested to Naru that the body comprise some members of the provincial law and order committee and local pastors.
Francis apologised to the Amari people for an incident on May 26 which led to the loss of 10 lives – nine from Amari and one from Atzera. It forced public servants to leave Mutzing station.
But police, government authorities and community leader managed to restore normality in the area, allowing classes to resume at the Markham Valley High School.
Naru met the Atzera prople at Zumim village, accompanied by administrator Masayang Moat, provincial police commander Chief Inspector Augustine Wampe and education chairman Andrew Gena on Sunday.
Issues discussed included the setting up of a courthouse and a district magistrate, the separation of the Atzera and Umi local councils, a disciplinary committee for Markham Valley High School and to establish the Ragiampum High School.
Naru said it was everyone’s responsibility to maintain law and order instead of leaving everything to police.
“Hence your pain is my pain, your suffering is my suffering, your success and happiness is my success and happiness too,” Naru said.