Where are we going?


THE recent article on The National some days ago highlighting the Government’s move to grant autonomy for New Ireland, East New Britain and Enga is a move with a motive.
The general explanation given by the Government is that these provinces were doing well or managing their affairs really well compared to the others. However, when every other province eventually does well and becomes autonomies; where can we go?
If this happens, the people are going to vote for the governor; and somehow, if the constitution is amended to allow the prime minister to be voted by these governors, where again do we end up?
Political scientists out there should name what type of government this can be; possibly a republican government that will be called the People’s Republic of Papua New Guinea
If that move merges with the different types of cultures and societies we have, then that would be a political reform; and the birth of a new era in PNG politics.
Brilliant idea.

Smith LAMA

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