Why charge parental component fees?


WHY is Morobe education programme adviser Keith Tangui telling parents to pay parental component of this year’s school fees (yesterday’s The National, page 11).
Parents were told by Prime Minister James Marape that school fees from elementary to colleges will be free.
The Government has already budgeted and invested millions of kina into the Education Department for school fees to relieve the burden faced by many parents due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
Thus, the Morobe education board has seen fit to continuously come to the media urging parents to pay parental component fees.
Even the parental component fees stated are too much for the already-struggling parents, especially given the challenges faced in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic faced by people.
Can both Education Minister Jimmy Uguro and secretary Dr Uke Kombra address this?
The Morobe education board is putting more pressure on parents and I am feeling the pinch of it when I already know that education for this year is free.

Concerned Parent,