There just seems to be no way of stopping graffiti from defacing buildings, fences, public motor vehicles and any other flat surface that is within reach of vandals.
Take this public bus, for example, which is run by National Capital District Commission to provide a free service in the city of Port Moresby.
It is supposed to be wearing the proud colours of Papua New Guinea with the South Cross on its sides.
It has been completely defaced and not something the city will want to show off when world leaders arrive in November for the Apec Leaders’ Summit.
The service has been around for many years and benefits school children best.
Why do people do this? Studies show that graffiti and vandalism are a domain mainly of juveniles who commit the crime for various reasons. Some are just bored, some are angry and like to vent, and some do it as a gang thing.
No matter what causes this behaviour, vandalism is a costly crime and if you find the perpetrators, report them.
This bus servicing Waigani Drive in Port Moresby on Friday.

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