Youth group helps Wewak police in clean-up

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

A YOUTH group in East Sepik that helped  police to clean up its headquarters in Wewak recently was praised by provincial  police commander Supt Peter Philips.
Philips encouraged them to continue such activities and avoid negative behaviour.
Fitz Nymbut, of the Holistic Development Project who got the youths involved, said: “It was really good to see the positive interaction between the youths and the police officers.
“This is just the start of what we want to do to give exposure and recognition to the youths and encourage them to be good citizens of the country.
“We want the police to be seen as friends of the community, so I support the programme because it is in line with what we are doing to carry out awareness, particularly for the young people. It is a way forward the see police officers and young people working in partnership in East Sepik.”
Wewak Town Bicycle Movement leader Mathew Max said the youths were happy to help in the clean-up.
He said their involvement in the clean-up was a good way to be recognised by the police and the community.
“One of our major activities to motivate the youths in the Wewak Town Bicycle Movement is to cycle to other districts and provinces to give the youths a new and interesting experience. So working with the police is important so that we are not mistaken for trying to  cause trouble.”