Article Views: 353 The heap of Goroka market rubbish that attracted pigs, dogs, cows and horses has now gone a step to attract man. Pictured is a young man covering […]

Appoint local CEO

Article Views: 217 SINCE 2013 when the Angau Hospital board was appointed, they have continuously appointed expatriates as CEO. This is a slap in the face of qualified PNG nationals. […]

Look into this

Article Views: 203 THE Supreme Court decision of March 28, 2019, ordering the Department of Personnel Management (DPM) to immediately reinstate affected public servants as directed by PSC and court […]

Take back PNG

Article Views: 308 “Take back PNG” as announced by Prime Minister James Marape is simple. We urge the PM to ensure that MPs submit their PSIP/DSIP Acquittals to Department of […]