Loan repayment

Article Views : 394 FINANCE Minister Charles Abel tell us how and when will the K25 billion loan be repaid? You were the core architect adviser to Peter O’Neill’s government […]

Thankyou Onguglo

Article Views : 361 USING verbal or vocal political propaganda have evident discrepancies on people nowadays compared to visionary leaders who does not speak too much but formulate and utilise […]

Retirement age

Article Views : 561 AS per the Public Services Management Act (PMSA) 1995, the compulsory retirement age for public servants is 60. This was demonstrated by Police Minister Bryan Kramer […]

Bribe claims

Article Views : 527 SOME police officers in Popondetta seem to be easily taking bribes from foreigners in the province and not doing their jobs professionally. On April 15, a […]