Column 1

Article Views : 0 Total makeover It stopped being funny after the first two losses. Now it is the sixth – and against the Kiwis. Unbelievable. The Broncos badly need […]


Article Views : 0 A PMV bus was deformed when it collided with another vehicle on a single lane bridge at Atto market outside Goroka along the Highlands Highway yesterday. […]

Letter in brief

Article Views : 0 Don’t tolerate violence: WE should not tolerate violent behaviours and let wrong-doers slip away freely. If you come across a situation where one of your family […]

Look into school fees

Article Views : 0 NAMATANAI MP Walter Schnaubelt committing funds for Namatanai Secondary School and Namatanai Technical and Vocational training school is good news for education in the district. The […]