Column 1

Total makeover It stopped being funny after the first two losses. Now it is the sixth – and against the Kiwis. Unbelievable. The Broncos badly need a complete makeover. Good […]


A PMV bus was deformed when it collided with another vehicle on a single lane bridge at Atto market outside Goroka along the Highlands Highway yesterday. An eye witness said […]

Letter in brief

Don’t tolerate violence: WE should not tolerate violent behaviours and let wrong-doers slip away freely. If you come across a situation where one of your family member is involved in […]

Look into school fees

NAMATANAI MP Walter Schnaubelt committing funds for Namatanai Secondary School and Namatanai Technical and Vocational training school is good news for education in the district. The Namatanai district development authority […]