Column 1

Blaring siren The blaring siren of the funeral home vehicle, and the line of cars with headlights on following it, racing down the highway is a common sight in Port […]


Drivers travelling on the Sepik Highway towards Drekikir in East Sepik should stay alert. The road along Brikiti School, in Maprik, has eroded after a landslide. Authorities need to respond […]

Focus on social issues

MAINSTREAMING gender-based violence, family and sexual violence, human rights violation including sorcery-related killings and other cross-cutting issues in education and public policy is the way forward. Cross-cutting issues involve the […]

Why delay in pay?

WHAT has been causing all the delays pertaining to public servants pays? Since this Government took office, public servants around the country have faced pay delays. Teachers, especially those who […]

Appreciate teachers

TEACHERS should be appreciated, they play a crucial role in societies. They are committed to educating leaders and builders of enterprises who create value for their stakeholders and society at […]